Now that summer is upon us, you may be preparing to move – and one of the most significant challenges is likely the relocation of children. Our friends at FAS Relocation Network have put together some very helpful tips.
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7 Successful Strategies for Moving with Kids

While each and every child in this world is unique, virtually all share similar relocation needs throughout the moving process. A successful family move can be achieved by focusing on fundamentals, and including the children in each step.

Apply these 7 tips to ensure a successful transition with your children:

1. Include your family in the relocation details immediately. Kids prefer to be a part of the changes that take place in their world. In the end, this exercise typically provides parents with valuable information on their children’s needs, desires, and concerns.

2. Stay positive. Find out things in the new location that would interest them. Football, dance, places to see – whatever they have passion for and would get them excited about the move. Give dimension to their new world and allow them to imagine it as a haven for new opportunities.

3. Maintain and open forum. Talk with your children about their experiences – good and bad. LISTEN. Do not dismiss their concerns no matter how trivial they may seem. They will appreciate being heard.

4. Take them to say “goodbye.” The ability to say goodbye helps children of all ages get closure. Moreover, it will give them the opportunity to maintain contact with friends (going-away parties, former school visits, scrap-book.)

5. Set up their room once you’ve arrived in your new neighborhood. Kids can feel homesick, even if they are with you, so getting their things back in place will help them feel more comfortable.

6. Help your child meet new friends once you’ve reached your new destination. A move during the school-year can be ideal for new friend-finding initiatives.

7. Relax. While your children may be angry with you initially, they intuitively understand. They will soon forgive you. Sure it may take time, but do not allow yourself to feel guilty or frustrated. You are doing what is best for the family. Be patient and they will come around.

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