To Add or Not to Add an Associate Optometrist

With January over and 2018 well under way, most practice owners we talk to have already completed their business plans for the new year and are “full steam ahead” on meeting this year’s business goals. If adding a new associate to your practice is part of your plan for this year, there are some important factors to take into consideration before starting the hiring process and bringing a new team member on-board. Timing plays a critical role when introducing a new associate to a practice, and knowing whether to move ahead or wait on hiring a new associate can often make or break a practice’s financial success in the new year. As such, we’ve put together the following infographic with a breakdown of some key indicators to consider, and hope you’ll find them useful as you make your hiring decisions.

(click to zoom)Add or Not to Add an Associate Optometrist Infographic

If the time is right to bring a new associate into your practice, let us know! We’ve conducted searches across all 50 states for thousands of practices seeking long-term Associates, potential partners and even potential buyers, so contact us today and let’s get started.

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