ETS Vision is able to utilize our network of doctors across the country to confidentially market practices for sale. We use the same proven tools and processes to locate prospective buyers as we use for locating associates. The buyer of your practice is very likely someone we have spoken to in the last six to twelve months.

The Cost of Selling a Practice without ETS: Many Optometrists and Ophthalmologists are interested in selling or getting ready to sell their practices. The going rate to engage a typical Practice Brokerage to sell your practice is 10% of the practice value. This means that it would cost you $70,000 to sell your practice if it were valued at $700,000. Even if you find your own buyer, you still have to pay the practice broker according to most exclusive contracts. Our clients consistently tell us that ETS Vision delivers far more potential buyer candidates than traditional brokers at a fraction of the cost. Every month ETS Vision is in contact with more than 10,000 eye care professionals (practice owners, optometrists and ophthalmologists). This is something practice brokers are simply not equipped to do. This is the reason why ETS Vision is the fastest, most cost effective way to find a potential buyer for your practice.

The Benefits of Selling a Practice with ETS: Unlike a Practice Broker, ETS Vision is a contingency based firm, so there is absolutely no risk to you as the seller. If we can’t find you a buyer that closes on your practice or if you find a buyer yourself, there is zero cost. With a database of over 80,000 Vision professionals and a team of recruiters making thousands of individual telephone and email touches with practices and doctors each month, we’re confident that no one is better equipped to help you sell your practice than ETS Vision.

Where do we confidentially find prospective buyers?

  • Associates looking to move into ownership
  • Optometry/Ophthalmology school graduates
  • Practice owners planning to expand in a territory
  • Practice owners interested in mergers with a local practice
  • Practice management companies interested in practice acquisitions

ETS Vision does not offer brokerage services. We are able to do one of the most difficult parts:connecting sellers with prospective buyers. Our network of contacts in the eye care community includes CPAs, Attorneys, and Lending Institutions with experience in the eye care industry.

What makes us a great choice for locating practice buyers?

  • Our clients often tell us that we bring them far more buyer prospects than any other source
  • Every month, we make over 10,000 individual telephone and email touches with practices and eye care professionals across the country. Nobody can confidentially market your practice as quickly and effectively as ETS Vision
  • We do not require any exclusivity
  • Your buyer search is completely confidential

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